A Day in the Life … Being a Temps Recruitment Consultant!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Working as a recruitment consultant every day is different.

We have asked our colleague, Chrissie, who runs our temp’s industrial desk to document her Tuesday to see what happens during an average day for a recruitment consultant- over to you Chrissie!

8:24am – Greetings all, I’m at work at my desk, computer on and ready to go and ready to see what the day throws at me!

8:30am – Checking emails to see what’s happened over night and respond to any emails I might have received

8:35am – I have an email to say one of our temporary workers working in a factory is ill today so I am going to call through all staff who are registered, interested in temporary work and are currently available for work. When looking for an applicable temp, I look for who I know is available and looking for temp work as soon as possible (No use in calling someone who is working a two works notice period because they will be in work and not available!). I also look at location; if the job is in the middle of nowhere with no public transport then I have to make sure I send someone who can drive. Sending someone from Bognor Regis for a job in the rural outskirts of Chichester who cannot drive isn’t an option here. Using the job specification and information I have from the client, I can also see if the company would like people with previous experience or are happy to train new people so I take this into account. I then pick out the application packs for potential candidates that can work and get ready to call them!

9:05am – I have called through our Chichester based candidate applications and have found a staff member who is available and ready to work today. Next I will confirm their name with the client and send them a confirmation email with details so they know exactly where they are going, what to wear and what they will be doing.

9:19am – Off to make a quick tea and coffee for everyone in the office to keep them hydrated!

9:30am – About to begin calling through any applications I have received for jobs I have from the job boards. I currently have a job on for factory workers at a food factory in Midhurst so I am going to call through everyone who has applied, have a quick informal discussion with them to see if they are still looking for work and interested in the job. Once this conversation has been had I will invite the candidate to the office to register by filling in our paperwork and then having a further discussion about any roles that I think would be of interest to them.

10:45am – Have called through all applications and I'm updating our system with notes so that we have an in depth record of any details that will be important for when the candidate comes in.

11:00am – I have 3 candidates in to register for my events team. My events team is a zero hours contract job where I text/call/email the team to tell them any hospitality shifts I have on for the week to see if they are available to work it. This is really good for students who need to earn money in between studies or for people who need work to tide them over whilst looking for other jobs or even to earn money on the side of a full time job.

12:00 – Lunchtime, running down to a local café to get a takeaway jacket potato- yum!

12:55pm – Back from lunch and going back through emails.

13:03pm – One of our clients has called to say that their usual kitchen porter has called in sick and they would like agency cover as soon as possible.

13:05pm- I am sending out emails and texts to all the available staff on our events team to see who is free and can cover the shift

13:15pm – I have found someone who can cover the shift so I send them a confirmation and call the client back to let them know who is on the way over to them.

13:30pm – A lady has seen one of our adverts and has come in to see if she can register. After filling out the registration pack, I have a chat with the lady about her work history, exactly what she is looking for and the roles I think she would like. She is now registered and ready to go so if any roles do come along I can straight away call her to get her opinion and possibly get her details sent over for an interview.

13:45pm – Another quick tea round, can’t survive without it!

13:50pm – Back at my desk and have answered a call from a gentleman who is interested in commercial office work. I pass this on to my colleague, Ellie, as she runs our temp commercial desk and she talks to him about potential work that he might be interested in.

14:00pm – Heading out to see one of clients to touch base and have a quick discussion about a potential new role they have on the books.

16:15pm – Back and going to make one more cup of tea for everyone.

16:40pm – Calling through candidates who registered last month to see who is still wanting work and who has found a role so that the system is up to date and we know who is still available.

17:00pm- Doing a quick call through any candidates that have applied for roles during the day.

17:30pm- Home time, it has rushed by but we are at the end of another day!

So that’s a day in the life of a recruitment consultant. Every day is varied and different and keeps you on your toes. If you are interested in any roles discuss then please have a look at our vacancy page and click apply.

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