How to find motivation without leaving your home!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Working from home can be difficult. With distractions aplenty and a lack of social interaction, you can easily find yourself feeling sluggish and unwilling to push through. However, there are remedies for your lack of motivation and with the increase of people finding themselves working from home due to Covid-19, more and more resources are being created to help you find motivation from home. Team Futures are also working remotely, and we have compiled our different ways to help you to keep your motivation whilst you are working from your home.

To start with, you may find that getting active helps you to get motivated. The feeling of blood pumping around your body is a great way to wake up and give yourself a fresh boost of energy. With the government recommendation that we only take one short form of exercise outside the house every day you may feel that you aren’t getting enough activity but there are plenty of activities that you can do without leaving your home. Modern technology allows us to follow and subscribe to fitness gurus who can help us do daily workouts to get you up and moving. All you need to do is get your gym gear on, set up a phone or a laptop with the video and hit play - it’s as simple as that!

If full on exercise isn’t your ideal way of getting motivated, why not try something calmer? You can also watch instructional videos on Yoga, Pilates and Meditation. These may feel like they make you slow down, but they are very good in helping you focus your mind in order to get rid of distractions and give you the focus you need to push through with your work. Again, these videos are free on platforms such as Youtube and can be done from the comfort of your living room.

Sometimes you may find that you need 10 minutes away from your work to give your brain a break which is absolutely fine - remember you are only human, and you need to give your mind time to rest every now and again. You could try reading a book, or listening to an audiobook. Reading allows your brain to become immersed in a whole new world and allows your imagination to flourish whilst you picture the characters you are reading about and their world. Reading is not for everyone and so audiobooks are a hands free version of stories that can even be read to you by your favourite celebrities! These can be downloaded from the internet, or bought on tablets and Ipads so that you can listen to them whenever you want- you can leave the adventure for a day and then come back and pick up the story in the place you left it with ease.

You may find that an audiobook helps you to focus, but you need something to do with your hands. In order to keep people entertained during the current pandemic, many celebrity chefs are releasing free cooking videos to teach you new recipes and to help to show you new ways you can use the food in your cupboard. If you find yourself frustrated and struggling to get your brain into gear, why not try beating your frustrations into a handmade pizza dough or homemade bread? You can whisk your distractions into a yummy cake or dessert and the best part is that at the end of it you get a delicious treat to indulge in whilst you get back to work! Your brain will enjoy learning something new whilst you are cooking and it will help to create a much needed diversion, ready for you to go back to work.

Of course these aren’t the only ways you can find motivation, you can try other things such as listening to music, watching a podcast or even have a conversation with someone else - everyone is different and will find themselves motivated by different things. At the end of the day, it is important to find what works for you to give yourself some variety and relief whilst working at home. Looking at a screen all day can be difficult, but hopefully now you will be able to find a way to give yourself the much required motivation to keep pushing through.

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