Interview Hints & Tips - Body Language

In our interview hints and tips series, we are now heading to the interview and one of the most important parts of the interview is body language. Humans often do not realise that how they are subconsciously sitting or reacting is having an effect on those around them, especially in an interview where you are under more scrutiny than normal. Here are some tips on the body language you need to remember in an interview;

  1. Eyes - Avoiding looking your interviewer in the eyes can make you seem shy and nervous and comes across as you not wanting to be in the interview. Try to look your interviewer in the eyes, but not for so long that they become uncomfortable. Keep your head straight and look you interviewer in the eye for around a few seconds at a time before moving you gaze past their shoulder or perhaps to their mouth to show you are listening.

  2. Arms - Keep your arms uncrossed and if possible gesture with your palms upwards to show that you are being open and inviting to the interviewer. Crossed arms are an indicator of hiding something, and almost comes across as you holding yourself in and you do not want your interviewer to think that you are hiding something from them.

  3. Back - Remember to sit up straight. Slouching will make you seem uninterested and lazy. Sitting up straight demonstrates that you are alert and invested in the conversation. Occasionally leaning forward is also good in job interviews as it shows interest in the discussion.

  4. Mirror - Try to subtly mirror the positioning of your interviewer. If they lean in, lean in; if they gesture, then you gesture. The aim of this is to subconsciously make yourself relatable and similar to your interviewer.

  5. Breathe - Don’t forget to breathe! Without realising it, many of us hold our breaths in situations where we are nervous. Before you walk in, take a deep breath, using your diaphragm. This should calm you down and if you continue to keep your breathing easy and steady then you should feel a lot more confident in the interview too.

It may feel like there are a lot of body language tips to remember to try to practice these in everyday life. All these steps combined will make you feel confident and prepared in order to help you sail through your interview. Come back next Monday to see our last interview hints and tips blog post which will be focusing on ‘The After Interview’.

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