Interview Hints & Tips - Dress the part

Dressing for an interview is something we often leave to the last minute when it comes to an interview. Throwing on an outfit we believe is relatively smart is easy, but the way you dress for an interview is just as important as any other part of the pre-interview preparation. We have put together some steps below for you to make sure that you have the perfect outfit for your job interview;

  1. Ask what the dress code is! You don’t want to dress in a suit and tie if the interviewer wants an informal easy interview. If you aren’t given a dress code then try to dress smart casual so potentially smart trousers or a skirt with a smart jumper- you don’t want to show up in your trackies and trainers!

  2. Find an outfit where you feel comfortable! You may have bought a new interview outfit that you tried on briefly in the shops but haven't worn since then and as soon as you put it on you realise it isn’t comfortable. Whether this is down to an itchy label, new shoes that you haven't worn in or the clothes being too tight, you need to make sure your clothes are as comfy as possible in order for you to be able to come across as your best confident self.

  3. Layout your clothes the day before! This gives you a chance to check that there are no stains, holes or buttons missing on your outfit. One of the worst things to do going into an interview is to look shabby and unprofessional by having a big stain on your shirt that you didn’t see before you left the house.

  4. Get your iron out! Your iron is your best friend when it comes to preparing your interview clothes. You need to get rid of any fresh-out-the-packet or been-in-the-back-of-the-wardrobe creases before you leave the house so get your iron out the night before your interview and spend some time getting that outfit de-creased.

  5. Look in the mirror! Just as you are about to leave the house, take a moment to look in a mirror and just check that you still look the part. A leftover toothpaste mark on your lip or accidental yoghurt stain on your tie will not do you any favours in an interview, so that last-minute check might just help you out. It’s also a reminder that you are on your way, you look the part and to remind yourself that you can do this!

So now you’ve got your outfit together, you are all ready for the real interview. In our blog next week we will be discussing your body language in the interview so come back on Monday for more helpful hints and tips.

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