The Futures Recipe for Working from Home

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The Futures Recipe for Working from Home

So with Easter just past us, I wanted to share with you my easy recipe for making a sponge cake-

2 x Eggs

125g Self Raising Flour

125g Butter

125g Caster Sugar

  1. Preheat your oven to Gas Mark 5/375F/190C.

  2. Beat together all of the butter and the sugar (Try to leave the butter out for a while before hand if possible so that when you start the butter will be softer and easier to mix).

  3. Lightly whisk the eggs in a separate bowl and then add a small amount to the butter and sugar mix that you made in step one. Mix the small amount of egg into the butter and sugar and once it has been thoroughly mixed in, add a little bit more of the whisked egg and mix in. Repeat until all the egg has been added.

  4. Place your sieve over the top of the mixture you have made and pour in the self raising flour through the sieve. Once all the flour has gone through the sieve, remove the sieve and mix the flour into the sugar, butter and egg mixture.

  5. Now get the tin that you want to cook your cake in. Grease the edges with butter to stop the cake from sticking. You can now add the cake mixture to your tin and pop it in the oven.

  6. Leave for 25 minutes or until your cake looks fully cooked and is light brown in colour.

  7. If you think the cake is fully cooked, remove it from the over and leave to cool with a tea towel over the top of it. This prevents the cake from losing its shape.

  8. After five minutes gently turn your cake upside down onto a plate to remove it from it’s tin and then decorate however you would like to!

Now, whilst making this cake the other day, I began to think of how baking a cake is a lot like working from home...

For starters, you can’t do anything without the right equipment. Imagine trying to make a cake without a bowl or an oven! You will find the same when it comes to working from home. If you don’t have a good desk setup, or a comfortable chair to sit on then you will struggle so make sure you keep your work area tidy, find a good seat to make sure your back is supported and have a good computer and phone system ready to go. Remember that these are all things that you would have if you were working in your office so you will need them if you are going to work from home. Read our blog on how to get the ideal work from home set up for inspiration on what you need to get you started (

Next, you need a clear structure and set up of how you want your day to work. Just like the cake mixture, without a recipe and an idea of what you are doing you don’t stand a chance of having a yummy cake and the same goes with having a schedule in order to have a productive day. You will need clear guidelines on what to do and when you are going to do it- try making a to do list, and mark what is a priority for your day. Write rough timings on how long you think different tasks will take and what your goal for the day is. Not only does this give you a clear structure and a reminder of what you want to complete, but this will also give you a sense of self satisfaction when you look back over your day and realise what you have achieved, reminding you that you can work from home and giving you a much needed boost to keep going and keep on achieving.

Finally, to make a cake, you need ingredients. Lets say, instead of butter, eggs, flour and sugar, your ingredients for a productive day are positivity, motivation, drive and determination. In order to achieve anything, you need these four ingredients to keep you going. It can be hard to find these elements when you don’t have colleagues around you to remind you how well you are doing or to remind you to keep pushing yourself, so you need to step up and do it yourself. There are plenty of ways to find motivation (Read our blog on how to find motivation without leaving your home if you are struggling - Try to take positivity by looking back on what you have successfully obtained whilst you have been working from home; remember this is most likely a whole new scenario for you, that you will not have had a lot of time to prepare for, and you are doing really well. We often forget to give ourselves the credit we deserve so give yourself a pat on the back for all that you have done!

Now, hopefully you are starting to see why making a sponge cake is a lot like working from home. You can’t make anything without the right equipment, instructions or ingredients- if you miss any of these elements your day will fall flat but if you put it all together you will find that you have a successful, productive day that will give you the drive to push through the rest of your working from home experience.

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