The Importance of Linguistics

In this post, we wanted to talk to you about the importance of linguistics in CV’s, Cover Letters and any documents you might be sending to a potential employer. Often, CV’s will be sent out to potential employers without the sender realising that there are mistakes, and the consequences and results of this will be the sender finding themselves taken out of consideration for the role they have applied for. We have had a discussion with our team to gather the reasons why it is important to ensure that your grammar and spelling is correct, where you may find you fall down on this and how to improve your linguistics to help you achieve your dream job.

Employers judge incorrect spelling and poor grammar- this is unavoidable. If you can structure and word a piece of writing well then this shows a potential employer that you will be able to write clearly for them whilst you are working for them, and they can trust you to send out correspondence without it needing to be double checked. This is why it is important that you proofread and show the person reading your CV that you are a professional with the skills that they want in their office.

Many find they fall down by trusting too much in spell check. Firstly, the issue with this is that often your computer will be set to not English but American spell check, meaning you end up with incorrect spellings, due to a letter or two being changed. You may also find that if you are typing or writing on a phone or tablet that autocorrect has changed a word that you have written without you realising. Changes like this are unlikely to be observed by a spellcheck system, as words that do not fit correctly into a sentence are not usually noticed by spell check. Lastly, you may find that you struggle on certain grammar concepts that you might not have been taught- there are so many different and complex levels to the English language and not everyone can know every single detail of it, after all, you can’t know something without learning it in the first place!

While you may be sinking in your chair thinking about spelling and grammar, there are numerous ways to improve. Initially, most computer programmes such as Microsoft and online email portals all have spell check, so this is a good place to start but, as we learned earlier, you can’t only rely on this. Why not ask a friend or family member to give it a look over- two sets of eyes are better than one! A fresh view from someone else might just help to spot something you missed or they might offer you advice on how to reword different sentences in a smoother manner. Also, try making use of free apps such as Grammarly- programmes like this will not only look at your spelling and grammar, but will also inform you on the tone of your writing, for example, it will tell you if your writing is too informal, or if you need to make some edits to help your words flow a little smoother in order to make them more interesting to the person reading your CV. If you find yourself repeating words or struggling to find the right word then try a thesaurus. You can buy a thesaurus from the shop or look one up online - it will give you plenty of synonyms to choose from so you can really select the best word for you.

Syntax and linguistics are not the easiest things in the world to learn and to deal with, especially in a language as complex and English, so remember that you are bound to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to accept criticism or advice on your writing especially when it comes to important documents that can affect your future. If you need advice or help then do not be afraid to give us a call at Futures Recruitment Services. We can provide you with CV assistance, but we can also put you forward to potential employers, and we will always make sure we show you in the best light possible to give you the best chance at achieving your dream job.

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