Turn your skill set into something new!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Are you currently looking to try something new but don’t think you have the skillset for it? You're wrong! Read on to find out how what you know can be translated into a new job.

The main skill that people are unaware they have is customer relations. If you have previously worked in a restaurant, bar or any job where you have dealt with the general public then you most likely have good customer service skills. This includes talking to customers, problem-solving and helping out wherever required. This skill can be easily translated into office roles and many other jobs, as around 85% of jobs in the world require you to talk to people and assist them. If you are in an interview and your interviewer asks you about your customer service skills then be sure to tell them about how you have helped a customer in the past and how you have developed your skills in order to ensure you can help your customers in the best way possible.

If you have previously worked in a role where you were in a team and had to work together then this is also a valuable skill, but this skill can come from more than just a work environment! Playing sports, studying certain subjects at school such as Drama, and different clubs can all contribute to good team-building skills. Let your interviewer know about the time you and your teammates worked together at a training session in preparation for a big football game or a time when you and your friends had a big university project to complete. These will demonstrate your drive and determination in order to succeed as well as showing your ability to work well in a team.

Leadership is a skill that many employers value and is always useful to highlight. A good leader will be able to lead a situation whilst also being able to listen to their team, accept feedback and use this to lead their team to victory. Maybe you were captain of your Netball team or you were a supervisor at a cafe in your last job; explain how in this position you managed to successfully complete objectives as well as keeping your workforce together in order to achieve the best results. It is important to emphasise your accomplishments and achievements that you not only obtained by yourself but also with other people.

Do you have any qualifications? Whether this is A-Levels, a University Degree or a course that you have completed in your spare time, these will all have given you valuable skills to use within the workplace. For example, if you have taken a first aid course, this can be very helpful as employers appreciate having first aiders who could help in an emergency situation. Perhaps you are an aspiring chef who has taken an additional Food Health and Safety Course? This is very important to put on your CV and potentially mention in an interview as it is not only a useful attribute to have but also shows that you have made the effort to go above and beyond for the role that you want to work in.

Overall, it is very important to take a moment and look at what sets you aside from other candidates. Everyone has a different life that has helped them to develop different skills, and you should have these ready and prepared in order to show a potential employer why they should hire you. Futures Recruitment Services will be here to help with this. Once you have come in and registered with us we will be on hand to help you find your perfect role whilst also giving you advice and helping you to with interviewing hints and tips - Just call us on 01243 839286 and one of our consultants will be on hand to get you started on your recruitment journey.

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