Working at Home; How to promote your mental health

In the 21st Century, mental health is being addressed more than ever before but still many people are learning what it means to promote good mental health and focus on themselves in order to keep happy and healthy, physically as well as mentally. Currently, we as a world are going through times of unprecedented change which is bound to make anyone feel insecure, unstable and unsure of what will happen moving forward. Whilst we here at Futures Recruitment Services are not experts in mental health, we have gathered some advice which we believe should help you to push through these strange times and help to keep you feeling positive whilst working from home.

Our first piece of advice is to remember your routine. Not everyone is used to working from home; humans are creatures of habit and routine, and when this is changed it can take a while for us to readjust. As much as possible try to stick to your normal routine- as easy as it is to use the time when you would usually commute to have an extra lay in and hit snooze on the alarm clock a few more times, you should try to avoid this.Make an effort every morning to get up at the same time you would normally to do for work and maybe try to do something new, like yoga or pilates in this time. Your brain will be more active and bright by the time you get to starting up your computer and you will be more focused and prepared for any tasks at hand.

Next, remember your three meals a day - especially breakfast! This is not only to help you stick to a routine but, as we are constantly told, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. During the night whilst you sleep your body uses up a lot of stored energy so it is imperative in the morning that you feed yourself a healthy meal to give your body back the energy it needs to continue to push through the day. Healthy breakfasts such as yogurt and fruit will help you the most as they have slow release carbohydrates to keep you feeling alert and awake, as opposed to something heavier like a fry up, that will most likely leave you feeling sluggish and wanting to snack by mid morning.

Now another big important thing to help you feel positive and happy that a lot of people don’t normally think about is sunlight. Vitamin D is crucial for your body as it not only helps with your bone health but also assists with brain functioning, and it has been proven that individuals with a lack of Vitamin D often find themselves feeling low in mood and struggling to feel positive, which is why a lot of people may find that they encounter mental health struggles more during the winter. Now that the clocks are going forward and the rainy month of February has passed, try to go out and enjoy a bit of sunlight. Just ten minutes a day can make you feel livelier and more prepared for the day at hand. A quick trip outside will not only help to provide your body with more Vitamin D but it will also give your body a much welcomed burst of fresh air. Studies have shown that taking in fresh air can increase our serotonin levels, as well as giving our brains a fresh, rejuvenated feeling. Often, when we are in a stuffy environment for a long time, we tend to grow accustomed to this and not notice the effect it has on us and our brains. If you take a step outside and breath in some fresh air you will find yourself instantly more awake and alert and ready to push through with your day.

Overall, remember to take care of yourself. It is important to remember to focus on your health during these tough times, and it can be easy to forget how sensitive the balance in our mental health can be. If you feel yourself struggling to focus or feeling low, then take a moment, talk to someone such as a colleague, friend or family member. A gentle distraction can help sometimes to shake off a negative mindset, and whilst we are collectively facing the toughest time most of us have ever had to experience, it is, now more than ever, essential that we lean on each other to get through the dark times.

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