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    Our Candidates If you are seeking a new opportunity or a change in your career path, register with Futures today or check out our current vacancies. Register with Futures! Current Vacancies Below are useful links from the weekly timesheets or a holiday request form. Also links for you to contact the relevant consultants with your CV or any queries. HOLIDAY REQUEST

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    Let's Help You Create a New Future... Heading 1 Share Founded 20 years ago, Futures Recruitment was created with the primary aim to meet your staffing needs in the most prompt, efficient, and cost-effective way. We have developed a reputation for being committed to providing a professional and confidential service and developing effective and lasting matches for both clients and candidates. The same care and attention to detail are given to all assignments, regardless of their size and nature. Whether you need an administrative assistant or senior manager we have the skill and contacts to present you with a shortlist of suitable and appropriately qualified potential employees. If you are a candidate, we want to find out where you are headed and get you to focus on your skill set and aspirations in order to help you follow that rainbow and secure you that dream job. Our team of dedicated professionals will always be at hand for guidance and assistance with CV presentation, interview tips, and techniques. They will match you to all the latest roles and conduct specific searches within our large client base to find you a perfect role because, here at Futures Recruitment Services, we understand that you are an individual and we like to treat you that way. Job Opportunities If you are new or an existing client, one of our dedicated professionals will take your initial vacancy details in a phone call which will help us to link you to a consultant who will help you throughout your recruitment process. We will then arrange a meeting with you at your office or at ours if this is more convenient for you. At the meeting, we will discuss with you your vacancy, what you are looking for in a candidate and how we plan to go forward in order to make sure you are meeting the best candidates possible for your role after which we will begin to source premium candidates from you from our wide database. As a recruitment agency, we cover three different types of recruitment; Permanent, Temporary and Contract work. Within these divisions we can work on any vacancy required ranging from commercial to industrial to hospitality and catering to anything in between. Our professional consultants are always on hand to help and are experienced in handling all variations of recruitment in order to assist you in the best way possible.

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    Share We Listen, We Learn, We Deliver! Commercial Division ​ Our highly experienced team of consultants who specialise in commercial recruitment are not only used to responding quickly to provide temporary staff to cover last-minute bookings but are equally used to working on and filling high volumes of permanent vacancies, ranging from administrative assignments to senior PA and secretarial vacancies. As we are independent of corporate overloads, we have the flexibility and agility to offer a bespoke and personal service to each and every client and candidate. We are local and we can take the time to get to know you better and therefore create a better match between client and candidate. Whilst we strive for perfection, even we don't get it 100% right all the time. The important thing is that we will move heaven and earth to re-fill a role with minimum fuss or additional expense. We don't stop until the job is done. Sales, Marketing & Executive With the specialist interview techniques and procedures that we have in place, we can really select the right people with the right skills for the right companies. Our consultants work closely with you to fully understand your requirements and come up with effective recruitment solutions to help drive your business forward. We have a specific division designed and created to cater for specialist management and professional areas of recruitment. Our experienced consultants can project manage from the conception of job description all the way through to successful placement and aftercare. We also source professional and senior level candidates both locally and nationally. Accountancy and Financial Services Our successful accountancy division specialise in placing highly qualified finance and accounting professionals within a wide range of companies on a temporary and permanent basis. Our industry expertise and experienced consultants can help you find professionals who possess precisely the skills needed to advance your business. Industrial Futures industrial division is totally conversant with providing a wide range of unskilled and semi-skilled staff. We deliver recruitment solutions in a fast, cost-effective way without ever compromising on quality and provide a 24-hour service to ensure a flexible workforce even at short notice. Dedicated account managers are committed to ensuring they have a complete understanding of your business requirements, enabling them to select the right people for the job. All candidates are fully screened, referenced and tested for numeracy and literacy or, if requested, colour vision. So whether you need one person for short-term holiday cover or a complete production team we are here to help. Catering & Hospitality We source and recruit the very best talent the hospitality industry has to offer. We match with integrity to ensure that we introduce lasting matches to your organisation. We have skilled professionals spanning from those entering the industry to the most experienced and highly sought after executives. Driving Futures specialise in the supply of HGV & Non-HGV drivers offering a dedicated 24-hour service. All HGV drivers have a full and valid UK driving licence for their specified category holding an up to date CPC card and Digitacho. HGV drivers can be experienced in Chilled and Ambient, General Haulage, Cage or palletised, MOFFIT (forklift attached). HIAB, (Crane), ADR (transporting dangerous goods). We vet all drivers with current DVLA checks at the point of contact and there after every 3 months. All drivers are over 25 years old, with no more than 6 points on their licence and no DD or DR Codes. We also offer non HGV Experienced Van 3.5 tonne drivers for multidrop etc. Email the Perm Division Email the Temp Division

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  • Interview Hints & Tips - The After Interview

    So you’ve done your interview… what happens next? It can be difficult to know the next steps to take once you have left the building, especially when you are excited to find out the outcome of your interview. Often, it can take a company around a week or more to decide whether they would like to take you on board so you need to decide what you are going to do whilst you wait for an answer. Firstly, when you get home from your interview, make notes. Write down what was said, key points about the job and anything you learnt whilst in the interview. Your short term memory will maintain this information, but your long term memory won't so writing this down means that if you need to refer back to it in future you have it ready to go. This can help if you have a second interview or even if you get the job but want to show that you were listening during the interview on your first day at the job. Secondly, it is always polite to send a thank you email to your interviewer to thank them for your time. If the interview went well, try to bring in a topic of conversation that you had, but remember to keep the email formal and polite. Just because you feel the interview went well, they might not feel the same and you have to remember this whilst you are wording your email. Start your email with the formal ‘Good Morning’/ ‘Good Afternoon’ and end with ‘Kind regards’ or ‘Yours sincerely’ Also, although you are excited and eager to send this email, take your time to make sure that the syntax and linguistics are correct and you have not made any errors. This email should serve as a reminder as to why they should hire you, so remind them that you are a professional by sending them a professionally worded email. If it was discussed in the interview, then also send your interviewer a connection on Linked in as this is another way for you to keep in touch and remind them of you and your potential employment. Lastly, if you haven’t heard anything after a week then you can always place a call to your interviewer just to ask if there was any feedback. Try not to come across as pushy, but more that you are eager and excited about the role. Do not put unnecessary pressure on the interviewer, as it can be very easy to come across as incessant when you are excited about a job and want a quick answer. Emphasize that you are eager about the role and that they can take your time and you look forward to hearing from them. Whilst it may seem like you are waiting for a very long time, above all, remember to be patient. If this is your dream job, then it will be worth the wait. Hopefully, you have read our previous blog posts and would have been fully prepared for the interview and so now you just have to wait and hope for the best. If you have any questions or are looking for a role then call us and we will be more than happy to help you with your recruitment journey.

  • Interview Hints & Tips - Body Language

    In our interview hints and tips series, we are now heading to the interview and one of the most important parts of the interview is body language. Humans often do not realise that how they are subconsciously sitting or reacting is having an effect on those around them, especially in an interview where you are under more scrutiny than normal. Here are some tips on the body language you need to remember in an interview; Eyes - Avoiding looking your interviewer in the eyes can make you seem shy and nervous and comes across as you not wanting to be in the interview. Try to look your interviewer in the eyes, but not for so long that they become uncomfortable. Keep your head straight and look you interviewer in the eye for around a few seconds at a time before moving you gaze past their shoulder or perhaps to their mouth to show you are listening. Arms - Keep your arms uncrossed and if possible gesture with your palms upwards to show that you are being open and inviting to the interviewer. Crossed arms are an indicator of hiding something, and almost comes across as you holding yourself in and you do not want your interviewer to think that you are hiding something from them. Back - Remember to sit up straight. Slouching will make you seem uninterested and lazy. Sitting up straight demonstrates that you are alert and invested in the conversation. Occasionally leaning forward is also good in job interviews as it shows interest in the discussion. Mirror - Try to subtly mirror the positioning of your interviewer. If they lean in, lean in; if they gesture, then you gesture. The aim of this is to subconsciously make yourself relatable and similar to your interviewer. Breathe - Don’t forget to breathe! Without realising it, many of us hold our breaths in situations where we are nervous. Before you walk in, take a deep breath, using your diaphragm. This should calm you down and if you continue to keep your breathing easy and steady then you should feel a lot more confident in the interview too. It may feel like there are a lot of body language tips to remember to try to practice these in everyday life. All these steps combined will make you feel confident and prepared in order to help you sail through your interview. Come back next Monday to see our last interview hints and tips blog post which will be focusing on ‘The After Interview’.

  • Interview Hints & Tips - Dress the part

    Dressing for an interview is something we often leave to the last minute when it comes to an interview. Throwing on an outfit we believe is relatively smart is easy, but the way you dress for an interview is just as important as any other part of the pre-interview preparation. We have put together some steps below for you to make sure that you have the perfect outfit for your job interview; Ask what the dress code is! You don’t want to dress in a suit and tie if the interviewer wants an informal easy interview. If you aren’t given a dress code then try to dress smart casual so potentially smart trousers or a skirt with a smart jumper- you don’t want to show up in your trackies and trainers! Find an outfit where you feel comfortable! You may have bought a new interview outfit that you tried on briefly in the shops but haven't worn since then and as soon as you put it on you realise it isn’t comfortable. Whether this is down to an itchy label, new shoes that you haven't worn in or the clothes being too tight, you need to make sure your clothes are as comfy as possible in order for you to be able to come across as your best confident self. Layout your clothes the day before! This gives you a chance to check that there are no stains, holes or buttons missing on your outfit. One of the worst things to do going into an interview is to look shabby and unprofessional by having a big stain on your shirt that you didn’t see before you left the house. Get your iron out! Your iron is your best friend when it comes to preparing your interview clothes. You need to get rid of any fresh-out-the-packet or been-in-the-back-of-the-wardrobe creases before you leave the house so get your iron out the night before your interview and spend some time getting that outfit de-creased. Look in the mirror! Just as you are about to leave the house, take a moment to look in a mirror and just check that you still look the part. A leftover toothpaste mark on your lip or accidental yoghurt stain on your tie will not do you any favours in an interview, so that last-minute check might just help you out. It’s also a reminder that you are on your way, you look the part and to remind yourself that you can do this! So now you’ve got your outfit together, you are all ready for the real interview. In our blog next week we will be discussing your body language in the interview so come back on Monday for more helpful hints and tips.

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