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Our Clients

Futures are a truly independent, local business. We take the time to meet all of our candidates, ensuring we understand their skills and strengths, motivations, and needs.  We also work closely with our clients so that we can gain an understanding of their business, what they do, how they work, and what sort of people will best fit their recruitment needs.

Defining the assignment is our priority. We start by taking a thorough, up-to-date briefing of your business, organisation, and its needs. We aim to get a picture of your company's culture because personality, temperament and business style can be as crucial as talent and experience for a good fit with the teams and organisations that they will be joining. Futures have instant access to candidates looking for permanent, contract and interim positions. For you, the client, this means a speedy response to your recruitment needs. If you are unable to select any of the candidates we present for the interview, we will renew the selection of prospective candidates or undertake an advertising campaign to attract further potential employees. Our commitment to finding you the right candidate is such that we will continue working on the assignment until a suitable candidate is found and appointed.

We understand that ever-fluctuating staffing levels and workloads can mean that you require a flexible work force to meet demand. Our temporary staff are reference checked, skill tested, ID checked and assessed as to career aspirations, personality and suitability. Only then can they be carefully matched to your requirements for a successful assignment. We brief and prepare them with as much information prior to the assignment, so as to save both your time and money. Quality control procedures take effect when we then follow up with a phone call or visit to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. Company culture, procedures and atmosphere are all taken in to account when we select a Futures temp for you.


Financial transparency is essential if we are to earn and maintain the trust that underpins long-term professional relationships. As our terms and conditions demonstrate, there are no hidden costs. We regard an initial assignment as the starting point for a long and lasting partnership that is strengthened by every subsequent assignment. We look forward to working with you.

We have a small and growing army of tried and trusted temporary workers. We are confident they will represent us well on our client's premises and exceed expectations. Our database of permanent candidates is strong and constantly changing as both active and passive candidates are added daily.

The true cost of recruitment lies in the bad hire, time and effort wasted and the pain of going 'back to square one.'